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Revival Should Be Normal

What we call revival is nothing more than a sudden and mass awareness of what Christ has already accomplished on the cross. The Spirit isn’t moving in a new way today. He’s still moving because of the old way, the way accomplished by Jesus himself. The expression may look different, but that’s just because people […]

Read Post / April 30, 2017

Trying is Silly

Trying to get into God’s love today is silly — that’s like trying hard to live in your own body. You can’t be more in it than you are right now.

Read Post / April 27, 2017

100% Freedom

Jesus offers 100% freedom from 100% of issues. Not 97% and 50%, not 30% because you had crappy parents, and not 10% freedom with the chance of more if you act right. You can’t do anything to get this freedom. You can’t do anything to get more of this freedom than you already have. There […]

Read Post / April 26, 2017

The Center Already

Don’t try to make Jesus the center of your life today. Celebrate that He already is in the center, and it’s because He put himself there.

Read Post / April 25, 2017

You Can’t Earn His Heart

Faith doesn’t earn God’s pleasure, favor, or love, it simply reveals it those around us. Whether you believe it or not, you already have all of his pleasure, favor, and love without lifting a finger!

Read Post / April 23, 2017

Healing is What We Already Have

Walking in healing is not a result of diligent study, seeking, or intercession. It is a result of the cross: the blood of Jesus. He paid for the sins and sickness in the whole world through all of his work and none of our own. Our study and seeking cannot add 1% of power to […]

Read Post / March 3, 2017

New blog project to host my high volume Apple articles

  Hello friends! Today I’m launching a new blog focusing on teaching Apple basics and solving common problems that many people face in the real world. In my work as an Apple IT consultant in Birmingham, Alabama, I get to see the trending issues and bugs that plague people on a regular basis. Around May of […]

Read Post / July 28, 2016