Scotty Loveless / Born to believe.

We Can’t Convince Him To Come

Asking the Holy Spirit to come again is a prayer that will never be answered. While we were still dead in our sins, He decided to come. Christ has already come once and for all. He doesn’t need to visit us again, He visited us 2,000 years ago and decided to stay. He loved us […]

Read Post / May 15, 2017

His Record

We go into His Presence because of his clean record, not ours. His sacrifice cleansed us perfectly so we are never separated from Him ever again. “But our High Priest offered himself to God as a single sacrifice for sins, good for all time. Then he sat down in the place of honor at God’s […]

Read Post / May 7, 2017

All of God

What would your life look like if you had all of God? You are one instant away from receiving all of God for free by believing Jesus died to cleanse us from the Disease so that you and God could hang out and be together. One millisecond away. There is nothing in the world like having […]

Read Post / May 4, 2017

Follow Me

Jesus didn’t say, “Follow these rules,” he said, “Follow me.” Christianity can be summed up in those two little childlike words: “Follow me.”  It is our honor and joy to follow the most incredible man who has ever lived.  We are following a real person, and we are following a real God.

Read Post / May 3, 2017

Not My Fruit

We are designed to bear fruit that we had no hand in growing. We are able to reap the fruit of His actions, not the fruit of our own actions. If you feel like you need more fruit in an area of your life, that’s a sign that you are trying to grow your own! […]

Read Post / May 2, 2017

Revival Should Be Normal

What we call revival is nothing more than a sudden and mass awareness of what Christ has already accomplished on the cross. The Spirit isn’t moving in a new way today. He’s still moving because of the old way, the way accomplished by Jesus himself. The expression may look different, but that’s just because people […]

Read Post / April 30, 2017

Trying is Silly

Trying to get into God’s love today is silly — that’s like trying hard to live in your own body. You can’t be more in it than you are right now.

Read Post / April 27, 2017

100% Freedom

Jesus offers 100% freedom from 100% of issues. Not 97% and 50%, not 30% because you had crappy parents, and not 10% freedom with the chance of more if you act right. You can’t do anything to get this freedom. You can’t do anything to get more of this freedom than you already have. There […]

Read Post / April 26, 2017

The Center Already

Don’t try to make Jesus the center of your life today. Celebrate that He already is in the center, and it’s because He put himself there.

Read Post / April 25, 2017

You Can’t Earn His Heart

Faith doesn’t earn God’s pleasure, favor, or love, it simply reveals it those around us. Whether you believe it or not, you already have all of his pleasure, favor, and love without lifting a finger!

Read Post / April 23, 2017