Scotty Loveless / Born to believe.

100% Freedom

Jesus offers 100% freedom from 100% of issues. Not 97% and 50%, not 30% because you had crappy parents, and not 10% freedom with the chance of more if you act right.

You can’t do anything to get this freedom. You can’t do anything to get more of this freedom than you already have. There is no action to unlock this freedom like reading your Bible or going to church or joining a small group. He accomplished the whole thing himself, you can’t add 1% on your own. Don’t throw your freedom away by thinking you can do something to pay for it — He already paid the full price.

All you can do is believe it, but even your faith doesn’t contribute to it. Believe it over your feelings, your past experience, and your current habits. This freedom supplies the faith to believe, it doesn’t ask for faith as a payment for it.

Galatians 5:1-4 for the truth.