Scotty Loveless / Born to believe.

Healing is What We Already Have

Walking in healing is not a result of diligent study, seeking, or intercession. It is a result of the cross: the blood of Jesus. He paid for the sins and sickness in the whole world through all of his work and none of our own. Our study and seeking cannot add 1% of power to the power of the gospel, even in seeking the manifestation of healing in our own lives.

There is no way to walk in more healing or anointing besides the Way himself. Coming to know the person that is already inside you, who is literally Healing himself, and trusting in him and what he’s already accomplished is the way. There is no other path besides resting in The Truth of what you already walk in because of your union with Him. His very essence is Life, and His life is what destroys sickness.

So let’s surrender from this striving of our own efforts to get more anointed and believe that we walk with Christ, the Anointed One. His way is much easier than walking alone.