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New blog project to host my high volume Apple articles


Hello friends!

Today I’m launching a new blog focusing on teaching Apple basics and solving common problems that many people face in the real world. In my work as an Apple IT consultant in Birmingham, Alabama, I get to see the trending issues and bugs that plague people on a regular basis.

Around May of 2014 my article explaining how to solve iPhone battery issues accidentally went crazy viral, receiving over 1 million hits in one month and 2 million hits in the first year. It was one of the best experiences of my life getting linked to by some of my blogging heroes like tribal marketing leader, Seth Godin; Apple guru, John Gruber; all-around cool nerd, Marco Arment; and the giant Apple blog, The Loop.

It’s kinda crazy that an article that took me 4 hours of total work got so much coverage. My father-in-law in Italy called me because he read about it in the Italian newspaper! (Except they called me Steve Loveless, haha).

Anyways, since then I’ve written another four articles that continue to bring in 75,000 to 85,000 pageviews per month, but I haven’t touched them in two years! I completely stopped writing and basically let my articles drop — none of them have been updated since my initial authoring. My Apple consulting business in Birmingham kept me busy, so writing new articles didn’t make sense financially.

Well, today I’ve moved the articles to a new server in order to try to turn this traffic into a source of income. So if you want the final stop for Apple answers and explanations, look no further than my new blog! It’s a little rough around the edges right now, but over time I intend to add new features and pages.

If you are interested in seeing this develop, stay tuned for more of the story as I document it online.

Thanks and happy blogging!